Commercial photographer

Hello, my name is Max Steinbauer.
I am a commercial photographer from Salzburg in Austria

The most important thing in life for me is being healthy and happy. This is maybe also the key for beeing successful I guess. In photography irrespective of genre I lay the biggest value on emotion. Only an emotional shot is a succeeded shot and that does not depend on if there are people on the picture or anything else. To get the best out of the next shot, my guidline is: demonstrate emotion. This ist he way I start every camera angle to get „maximal expression“.

Based in Bad Gastein/Salzburg I am a guy who is very close to nature always finding balance in the mountains oft the alps if I have no other gigs with my austrian band, where I play the guitar.

My slogan: „mind over matter“ helps my out if I have to handle difficult tasks.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, It’s gonna be a pleasure,

//Max Steinbauer

0043 664 150 615 4

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